Did you know that we produce in Portugal at small family businesses? We have been working closely with these involved producers for over 15 years and every day we strive to make a more beautiful and better product for our customers. By regularly visiting these studios, we are building a sustainable relationship and product at the same time.

Sustainable production

Due to the good relationship with our manufacturers we can produce by order instead of producing in large numbers. This means that we don’t have overproduction, which is in line with our sustainable character. In addition, producing in Portugal is logistically favorable and we can easily visit the factories so that we can guarantee the relationship with our producers.

Why in Portugal?

First of all, we think good working conditions in the factories are a must. This is very well arranged here. But also the modern sewing technologies and the high experience in the textile industry in Portugal makes it the suitable location for the production of our collections. This is reflected in both the quality of the products and the pleasant, flexible relationship with our producers. Portugal has a lot of experience with producing for high-end fashion brands. In addition, producing in Portugal is in accordance with European environmental legislation, which limits the impact on the environment.